Smart Horror: Films that Make Us Think

One of the fun parts of being a horror fan is digging down into the nitty gritty of the movie you're watching to pick out any and all social commentary and observations on human existence that you can find. Sometimes it's easy, but much of the time, it's not. In a genre full of jump... Continue Reading →


“Everyone’s entitled to one good scare”: Horror for the Hesitant

I work in a K-12 school library. My favorite moments are when a kid approaches me and asks me for book recommendations, and I am especially happy when one of the other librarians passes a horror-inclined kiddo my way. They have found the right person. Some of us are more inclined to like horror than... Continue Reading →

Horror-ish: Favorite reads of 2017 so far

It's possible that you've heard me yapping about my reading challenge. I participate in the Popsugar Reading Challenge, which encourages readers to read a ton while also reading books they may not otherwise consider. See the challenge here! I participate with a few friends, and we even have an Excel document to help us keep... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Horror

People sometimes comment that it is "funny" that I like horror. I think it's partially the way I look and the way I present myself. I don't necessarily look like a horror fan. Aaron was describing me to a friend and said that I'm weird because I seem like a really type-A, straight-laced kind of... Continue Reading →

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